1,2,3, There are zombies on the lawn…

Seedling starter tray: $4
Seedling soil: $4
Seeds: $6

Being prepared for zombies on my lawn: Priceless.

Well, here’s yet again another attempt at me starting an herb garden. Difference this time is that I actually have land to plant on. Yay, home ownership! I’ve got parsley, catnip, oregano, thyme, tarragon, and basil. Any tips from you green thumbs out there? ‘Cause generally anything I plant dies pretty horribly. Black thumbs run in my family. I know I need to keep them watered, but not too watered or I’ll get root rot. When should I water them? Every other day? Every second day? I have them at a west-facing window so they’ll get some sunlight filtered through the pine tree back there every day.

Any useful advice appreciated!


  1. Laura McWhorter

    for in the house, I’d say just water them a little every couple of days. Wait til they look dry on top to water again. For outside, nothing beats a watering system (i.e. soaker hoses or drip systems) with an automatic timer. It’s the only way I have been successful with vegetable gardening! LOL

  2. Rhonda

    Like Laura said, keep only slightly damp, water a bit when the top gets slightly dry, do not let it set in excess drain off. once sprouted make sure that the western sun doesn’t get too hut

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