Carrie’s Wedding Cake

I learned several things from this cake, many of them technicalities of cake, and several more general things, such as: Everything will take longer than you think. Cake is hard work, but it does make you popular. Try not to break your dishwasher’s faucet coupler before a large baking project. The Point of Diminishing Returns … [Read more…]

Birthday Cake

This was another commissioned cake for a birthday. Some confusion ensued on when the pickup date was, but everything worked out in the end, and they said it was very tasty. It was a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting – not too exciting, but it had to feed a crowd of varied palates. (At … [Read more…]

Chalk it up to 50 years of Twinkies

I saw a recipe on the forums that was highly touted by many people, and it went like this: 1 package dream whip 1 small package instant pudding 1.5 cups milk So heck, I gave it a shot. And… it tasted like Cool Whip and pudding mixed together. Nothing more, nothing less. That slightly … [Read more…]

First Fondant!

I made up my first batch of fondant tonight. I tried out the new Americolor gel colors I got from Cakewalk Chicago, as well (“dark pink” – I don’t think I used quite enough to make it very dark, or they mean “dark” as in “not almost white”). I made Rhonda’s Ultimate MMF (marshmallow fondant) … [Read more…]