My least favorite phrase

I’ve decided on my least favorite phrase in the English language: “Can’t you just…?” Why is this my least favorite phrase? Because: It’s always in conjunction with a task that the questioner does not understand, but assumes should not be difficult at all; it is inherently second-guessing the person being asked, which is insulting; and, … [Read more…]

Using mysql2 on Windows

Another edition of Sara uses Rails on Windows! *muppety fanfare* Trying to get mysql2 to run on Windows is a bit of a pain. I used the lovely installer from and then created an app with : rails new testapp -d mysql and then bundled. By default this installs the mysql2 gem. There are … [Read more…]

Github, https, and you

Banged my head against this for a while. Starting a new rails project, trying to get rails.js from github, but it’s failing every time: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError) So (after a lot of googling) I opened up gems/jquery-rails-0.2.7/lib/generators/jquery/install/install_generator.rb and added this just after the beginning of the … [Read more…]

Movie Theater Coupons

Going to a movie this weekend? Here’s a few handy coupons: Sign up for Muvico’s newsletter and get a free $5 popcorn. Going to an AMC theater? Buy a large popcorn, get a large drink free. Regal: $2 ZAP packs from Dec 17-19. Have fun!

Pik and Git Bash on Windows 7

Lately I’ve been installing Ruby on Rails on Windows 7, and have run into a few people trying to make my life easier. One is Sarah Mei, a wonderful member of devchix who has posted a guide for getting things running.  Hearts and bunnies and flowers for her. Pik is a neat project for Windows … [Read more…]

ImageMagick: “convert: color profile operates on another colorspace `icc'”

Another installment of Sara Beats Her Head Against Tech: When trying to convert images from RGB to CMYK with ImageMagick, the regular command to convert: convert original.jpg -colorspace CMYK new.jpg worked – but the converted image’s colors looked absolutely terrible. So I downloaded some color profiles, and tried to use them: convert original.jpg -colorspace CMYK … [Read more…]

RTFM, Ruby on Rails edition

Since the happymapper google group has been closed to posting, thought I’d toss this up here. I posted this question to the group: ————————————————— I have a node that looks like this: <ItemInfo> <ProductVar text_id=”Variable1″>MyValue</ProductVar> <ProductVar text_id=”Variable2″>MySecondValue</ProductVar> </ItemInfo> I need both the value of the attribute “text_id” and the element value “MyValue”. I was trying … [Read more…]

Yes, I’m schilling, what of it?

Ok, technically I’m not schilling because I’m not even pretending I’m not involved. Luke and I are paying for the bulk of our wedding costs… and we’re coming up a bit short. If you’re interested in buying any of Luke’s music, now would be the helpful time to do it. “WHAT A RIPOFF! VOLUME 2”, … [Read more…]

RubyGems 1.3.7 doesn’t play nice with OSX 1.5.8

If you ever run into this pain in the butt error, hopefully this’ll save you some time: Installing a gem without the version works fine; installing a gem using “-v 2.x.x” or whatever version you like ends in: spec_fetcher.rb:254: warning: getc is obsolete; use STDIN.getc instead Guess what? RubyGems 1.3.7 doesn’t play nice with OSX … [Read more…]