I wish

…for an end to world hunger, but that’s a long-term goal. If you were wondering, here’s my Amazon Wish List for the short term. (And I like used books just fine.)


I’m blown away. President Obama. My pessimism wouldn’t let me believe it until McCain conceded. Not only that, but we’re well on our way to a Democratic Senate and House. I have to admit that makes me a bit nervous. We’re going to have to still be vigilant, as citizens, to make sure the laws … [Read more…]

Go Illinois! Yay for Lisa Madigan!

http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iEW9FYay0lFbUS4UMghrpSYEKE9AD93D6DH00 “Attorneys general from 13 states on Wednesday protested a proposed Bush administration rule that would give stronger job protections to doctors and other health care workers who refuse to participate in abortions because of religious or moral objections. In a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, the states said the rule … [Read more…]

Economic Crisis – understanding why the bailout was proposed

(reposted from a comment I made in filkertom’s LJ) This may be useful for you: http://seekingalpha.com/article/97427-the-dummy-s-guide-to-the-u-s-financial-crisis A lot of what is happening right now has to do with money markets and short-term liquidity, which is drying up. When people hear “the banks can’t lend money”, they just assume it’s John Doe borrowing money to buy … [Read more…]

Why is this not front page news?

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After Obsession DVD Hits Ohio elorie is much more eloquent than I am right now: Anti-Muslim Propaganda Has Predictable Results The news is starting to get to me because it’s all rotten.

Walk the walk

Father leaves nine children at Nebraska hospital Children left at Nebraska hospitals: more details I can only assume that being a parent of a mentally disturbed child is the most difficult, painful job you can have. And when you say “help me” there should be somewhere to turn. However, due to the Reagan administration, mentally … [Read more…]

Uh… homeland mission?

oddball79 made me aware of this: http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/09/army_homeland_090708w/ The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle rattle, helping restore essential services and escorting supply convoys. Now they’re training for the same mission — with a twist — at home. Beginning Oct. 1 … [Read more…]

Last Chance to speak out against Bush’s new reproductive rights rule

“The Bush administration has issued a rule that would limit the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health information when they visit a health care provider. It’s more of the Bush administration’s bad medicine, and this is our last chance to stop it. This new rule could allow individual health care providers … [Read more…]